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Post  Aze on Wed Sep 28, 2016 8:02 pm

These are server specific rules, and should be considered a continuation of the General Rules (link).

These rules are subject to change, and by no means should you believe that a malevolent or 'cheaty' action is okay simply because it isn't listed.

1. Do not attempt to hack, glitch, exploit, prop climb, prop surf, prop kill, and/or otherwise alter or use things in the server to give you an unfair advantage or sabotage other players against the spirit of the rules.

Under this rule, and the rule in the General Rules, attempting to or threatening to do any of the above, or anything similar in nature, is not tolerated.

2. Do not attempt to leave the server during a scene.

If your character is involved in an event, you have committed to being there until it ends. If you must go, you must notify staff and explain in a few words why you must cancel your commitment. It is up to staff to then deliberate upon whether it is an acceptable reason to withdraw the normal disciplinary actions for 'logging'.

If your character is involved in a scene, you have committed to being there until it ends, but on a smaller scale. It is more relaxed, and as such is not as serious as leaving during an event: however, it is not tolerated, as it is considered a way to 'avoid' rp and/or the rp results of being in the scene. As such if you must leave, you must explain why to your peers, and it will be up to them whether to report the log to staff or not. If it is a minor situation and there is no reason to believe you are logging to avoid rp, you will likely be allowed to leave without repercussions. If you are logging to avoid rp, you will undoubtedly be reported to staff, and/or noticed by staff immediately. This is on an honor system, and you are obligated to report it if someone around you has logged for no reason (or a reason that isn't enough to explain why they must leave; feeding a pet, for example, only takes a few minutes, as does getting a drink).

In all cases, if you must leave the server mid-rp, you absolutely must provide a leaving emote. Should you fail to do so, you will be considered as logging to avoid rp regardless of the reason (within reason) considering that it is very disruptive to rp. Even providing a hasty emote wherein your character "stomps out of the room angrily" gives the people around you a solid prompt to go off of, and a way to work around your character's departure; they know where your character went, and can plan around that, rather than have a gaping hole and be incapable of figuring out how to treat your absent character, as they wouldn't know if your character was present or not.

Logging mid-combat is strictly prohibited.

3. Do not powergame or metagame.

Powergaming is the act of making your character all-powerful or near enough to be unfair. Forcing actions on other characters with no chance to respond, forcing your character's success, forcing their good health despite potential injuries that should have been received, or asspulling (saying they have items or abilities never received or built up beforehand) are all counted as powergaming and will not be tolerated.

4. Do not make inappropriate characters.

4a. Do not make exclusively joke/insulting characters.

Exclusively joke or meme characters explain themselves.  Insulting characters go hand in hand with exclusively joke characters: Stereotypes that are taken to the point of being a meme are insulting and will not be tolerated. It is up to staff to deliberate upon whether or not a stereotype has been taken too far, and if it can be considered insulting to the group of peoples often associated with the stereotype(s), it will likely not be tolerated.

4b. Do not make Mary/Gordon Sue Characters.

Mary/Gordon Sues are characters that can 'do no wrong' or that 'everyone likes' or is simply perfect for the situation they're in and/or have no flaws.

4c. Do not make characters based off of canon.

Canon is canon, and not allowed on this server: You may not make a character based off of canon characters, such as: Alyx, Barney, Gordon Freeman, Kleiner, or GMan, as an example.

4d. Do not recreate public figures.

You may not make characters based off of any other series or fictional piece, at the staff's discretion (as we cannot know every fictional piece, but if we notice it, it will be put to a stop). Likewise, you may not make characters based off of notable figures from past, present, or near future in our reality. (Don't ask us how you'd make a character based on a future public figure.)

4e. Do not recreate dead characters.

As far as recreating dead characters go, if a character has died, making another character just like them is not tolerated. Neither is actually recreating them word for word. If your character is essentially a character you've gotten killed, it will just be killed again. Likewise, you may not get around this by recreating another users' dead character.

4f. Do not make characters with inappropriate relatives.

You may not make any character related to any of the above types of characters either; no characters with an insulting/meme/joke/sue/public figure/previously killed relative.

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