<:: Unit File: Union-Divisional 54969 ::>

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<:: Unit File: Union-Divisional 54969 ::>

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<:: Accessing Combine Civil Authority database... ... ...
<:: Please enter log in credentials.
Username: *******
Password: ******************
<:: Verifying... ... ...
<:: Error Code: #91834. Please Re-input Login Credentials
Username: ********
Password: ******************
<:: Verifying... ... ...
<:: Welcome back, Unit.
<:: Access Divisional File "54969"
<:: Error Special Permissions Required, input bypass password now.
<:: Password: *******
<:: Verifying... ... ...
<:: Access Granted
<:: Clerical Unit 87130 Note: Some information in file is rank restricted. Access may be provided by divisional or higher, based on need. Unauthorized access will be flagged on your profile and your terminal logged.
<:: Begin file... ... ...

Name: Callum Leve
CCA: Member
Division: UNION
Ranking: Divisional
Identification: 54969

Known family: Ryan Leve (father; status deceased) Marien Leve (mother; status alive C18)

Pre-Union Notes: 54969 was born on the outskirts of London to a middle class family, his father was a police officer and his mother was a government worker. He spent a lot of his time at school, and a lot of his time alone at home. He was an dependent child up until his father was killed in the line of duty and his mother started living on a Government pension as a stay at home mom. This didn't last long however, because 54969's mental state deteriorated quickly after his father died. He ran away from home soon after. Living on the streets and making a name for himself outside of school. He eventually found a job with a gunsmith, Clarke.

Clarke took pity on 54969 and took him underneath his wing, and eventually finding his mother which agree'd for the meantime 54969 should live with him, learn a trade. So that's exactly what he did for two years, Clarke taught him everything he knew for the better part of five years. All was well until Clarke fell ill, nobody know's exactly how he died. We pursed 54969 on this and he said "He went out one day, and just never came back. I assume he went to go and die on his own terms. Stubborn old man."

Clerical Comments:
98167: Is that all we managed to pick up on Clarke?
01027: All I could pick up on him were funeral records; looked like 54969 paid for it himself.

Post-Union Record: 54969 lived a quiet and reserved life in City 26, the portal storms and such separated him and his mother, he did some digging got a few favours from CCA units that held particular favour for him, he learned that she was alive and well in City 18, he filed a transfer request which was promptly denied. Other than that? Not much to note, we don't know why 54969 submitted his application to the CCA, it could've been boredom or something else. Clerical Unit: 19827 asked him for more information on the subject which yielded no results.

Clerical Comments:
10998: Why was the transfer request denied?
01027: It was deemed a risk to social stability and security.
10998: What's become of his mother now?
01027: I don't know; her data's been wiped for whatever reason, I'll look into it.

Combine Civil Authority Record: Upon joining the CCA 54969 chose C26's medical division, he didn't find this enjoyable so he asked the Union Divisional at the time for a transfer which was accepted rather quick for the Divisional seemed to like 54969. Other than that it was pretty quiet, no real raids or patrols worth note. Until he was forced to Amputate a 647E, this hit 54969 Hard. He went into a stoop, didn't go on duty. Instead he would lurk around the Barracks hoping not to be noticed. 54969 upon being asked responded. "I was in a bad state, I was having terrible nightmares about anything you name it. I'm glad my Divisional finally decided to see what was wrong, he talked sense into me."

OFC or HELIX Rank Permissions Required:
He was clamping HP: Yellow when a citizen threw a can at him; 54969 decided to pursue and was ambushed by anywhere from 1-5 647E's. He received multiple lacerations across his head from a wooden plank; and eventually had his combat knife stolen which was promptly stabbed in his chest, 54969 went unconscious before awakening to a radio hail from his Divisional; he gave him an incoherent response before going unconscious again. He was found by PT: Bravo led by 01027, and received medical treatment for his injuries.

01027: That was the hardest I've ever seen a unit get hit; and survive. 54969 should really consider himself lucky.
10998: What about the 647E's? What's their status?
01027: Two of them have been amputated, one personally from 54969 after his Unionization. The rest are unknown presumed dead.

After this stoop he decided to breach protocol and be Unionized at 04 instead of the usual 03. After some convincing his Divisional eventually gave in and went forward with it.

At the end of his service as an 02, his Divisional was forced to transfer to C16, he left behind in his notes that he wanted 54969 to be his successor, his request was granted and 54969 underwent Divisional Training.

Clerical Comments:
10998: I'm surprised he didn't join Grid, given his knowledge of firearms.
01027: Likewise, instead he joined Helix; and was a fantastic Unit there, however. He requested to join Union and I granted it. His firearms experience proved to be very helpful indeed; not only with training but with modifying firearms themselves. He personally modified my rifle to fire a different caliber; impressive work indeed.

Misc Notes: After completing his Divisional Training 54969 was transferred to C45 were he remains to this day. I did some snooping and found out he's accessed terminal records of his mother. I'd expect a transfer request soon.

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