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Post  Aze on Wed Sep 28, 2016 7:26 pm

These rules should be considered a forum-specific continuation of the General Rules (link).

While using the forums, you are expected to abide by certain rules and codes of conduct, as listed before. This list is subject to change, and attempting to do anything that breaches the spirit of the rules simply because it isn't listed will not be tolerated.

Failure to read these rules is each individual user's fault, and will not be considered an excuse for rule-breaking.

1. Do not attempt to harass other users through private messages.

Refusing to stop messaging another user on the forums despite being asked to stop, for whatever reason, will not be tolerated.

2. Do not attempt to solicit personal information / sexual encounters/information from other users.

This is mentioned in the general global rules as well. This is not tolerated, no matter why it is attempted. Should you and the other user be of the age to consent in your country and already in a relationship, please keep any purely romantic interactions private, and any sexual interactions off of the forums and the server.

3. Do not share any personal information about other users with another user.

Do not gossip about other users' private/personal/sensitive information. Spreading of sensitive information around the server or the forums populace will not be tolerated.

4. Be courteous to other users.

In general, avoid actions that are malevolent in nature, and try to keep the peace. Conflicts are understandable, but do your part to try to avoid escalating them.

5. Do not spam the forums.

Posts are considered spam if they have less than three words or, alternatively, less than one image; are not relevant to the topic at hand; do not have any meaning to them; are illegible due to chatspeak or severe grammar and spelling errors; or otherwise needlessly clutter the forum. However, posts that would otherwise be classified as spam are not counted as such when posted in the shitposting board.

6. Do not attempt to make more than one account.

You are allowed only one account per person. Failure to abide by this rule will result in any excess accounts being terminated and possibly other disciplinary action. We naturally cannot monitor every account made, so instead of seeking out secondary accounts, we will act as we notice them. Should you make a second account despite the 1-per-IP restriction, and use it to break any other rules, you will receive harsher disciplinary measures.

7. Do not advertise products or services.

The only advertisements we will allow is a small, unobtrusive section of the first post in a commissions thread with up to three demonstrative images, or spoilers with writing in them, only (the images cannot be advertisements of any commercial product, only examples of your work), and a single normal-size sentence in your signature with an unobtrusive link to your commissions thread(s). Please make these hyperlinks, and use normal capitalization. If you wish to offer help with things such as writing, art, and audio, you may respond to any general asking threads in the commissions (please read commissions rules prior to doing so) or respond to any users posting on your Creation threads (please read Creation rules prior to doing so).

8. English only, please.

While we welcome non-native English speakers, we do require that you only use English while using these forums, so that we can ensure that your experience is safe and fun. It is also to protect other users: we are a primarily English speaking forum, and we are not equipped to deal with non-English speakers. As a result, if you use other languages, we cannot protect you or assist you, and that means that we must forbid the use of other languages on the forums.

Addendum: If you could teach us naughty words in your primary/alternative language(s), that would be dope af.

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