The Bloody Advocate's CCA Application

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The Bloody Advocate's CCA Application

Post  The Bloody Advocate on Mon Sep 26, 2016 2:26 pm

OOC Section

Steam Name:

The Bloody Advocate

Steam ID:


Hours spent playing HL2RP:

I can't really count the hours but I have been roleplaying HL2RP since late 2012, starting on Sigma7.

Roleplaying Experience:

I have been roleplaying for at least twelve years, starting with text roleplay. Over Steam, on forums, and websites dedicated to RP were my primary methods prior to Garrysmod introducing me to HL2RP. I've covered everything from benign, background roles to primary antagonists and protagonists. In HL2RP, I've hit every role available but specializing in loyalist and CWU functions, often taking up position as CA.

What was the last server you played on?

Orion RP.

Why did you leave that server?

Though promising, my schedule didn't allow for much playtime and considering the low player count, I couldn't afford to spend my free time just waiting for the server to populate despite attempting to multiple times.

Have you ever roleplayed as a member of the CCA? If so, what rank did you reach, and what was the ranking system like?

On Sigma7, I reached the rank of 04 (04-01 scale) before the community shut down; on Nucleic, I reached the rank of 03 (04-01 scale) as well as acted as a temporary divisional before the community shut down; on SN1PE I acted as the community's SeC during reconstruction before being perma-banned after reconstruction was completed; I acted as a temporary divisional on both DTJNB and Onyx (note: I co-founded the communities); on Dynex/False-Liberties I achieved the rank of i2 (i5-i1 scale) before the community changed hands.

If you previously played as a CCA member, what was that experience like? What did you like about it and what did you dislike? If you haven't played as a CCA member yet, what do you think it will be like, and what about it appeals to you?

Generally, the CCA I tend to like are the ones structured in such a way where they aren't heartless machines but their job is still clearly to dissuade dissent and crime. Too often are the CCA grimdark to the point where loyalty might as well not even be an option. Enough humanity to have a glimmer of hope for the future but not so lax that the police state is ignored.

Do you understand that making an application doesn't guarantee acceptance?

I do.

Character Backstory:

Conrad Faust was born during a tumultuous period of human history, finding himself smack dab in the middle of Germany's idealogical split in 1964. Though the second great war was still fresh on the mind of survivors, he was brought up in the era where the USSR and the USA were hoping to dominate the fresh memory of the following generation, East and West Germany acting as the greatest examples of this. Through some fashion of fate - or terrible luck - he found himself in East Germany, under the guidance of the USSR and their dominating Communistic teachings, concealed behind the Iron Curtain. Many were anxious and uncertain about the future they might hold but with Conrad, the ideology took hold.

At eighteen, he began his education and training to join the Volkspolizei, or the People's Police, an arduous and extensive process that further strengthened his political and ideological loyalties. He met his young love some time after he began his training, courting the Lisa Behrend with nervous reservations. With his dedication to becoming a fully fledged officer and not just a volunteer, he had little time to focus on Lisa but the two held out and, by 1989, the two were blissfully wed. However, on November 9th of that same year, the Berlin wall fell, foreshadowing the reunion of East and West Germany. Despite years of rigorous training and studying, the Volkspolizei was disbanded and policing authority moving to the federal authority of the newly restored Germany. His years of work had, essentially, be all for naught but after the Union's arrival and their subsequent authority was exerted, he found himself in a similar, if not bleaker, situation that he had grown up in. Though his East Germany was no more, he was cautiously hopeful for the future the Union seemed to promise.

Roleplay Example

C17:CCA-UNION.i5.92318 shifts in his position, a hand resting on the cover shield nearby. He takes a slow, idle breath, allowing it to escape as a distorted sigh.

C17:CCA-HELIX.DvL.87261 radios "<:: Patrol teams, report status and location."

C17:CCA-UNION.i5.92318 reaches up to his chest mounted radio, pressing his thumb against the talk button.

C17:CCA-UNION.i5.92318 radios "<:: Union 92318, 10-51, Nexus hard point. Socio stability is green, minimal civilian activity."

[5'10''|Brown, short hair|Green ey...] requests "There's someone in the apartments threatening to jump down the stairwell. I think they'll actually do it."

C17:CCA-UNION.i5.92318 shifts to a more rigid, visibly agitated posture, focus snapping to the apartments.

C17:CCA-UNION.i5.92318 radios "<:: 10-24 for call."

C17:CCA-HELIX.DvL.87261 radios "<:: 10-17. Do not wait. Report any developments."

C17:CCA-UNION.i5.92318 radios "<:: Copy. 10-76."

C17:CCA-UNION.i5.92318 wastes no time, stripping his baton from his waist out of habit and making his way towards the civilian housing in an urgent jog. He avoids civilians around the plaza, ensuring he did not allow for delays on his way.

C17:CCA-UNION.i5.92318 throws the doors open in the apartments, focus snapping to the stairwell as he makes his way inside, slowing now.

** A man slams into the sitting area at the base of the stairwell, something audibly cracking upon contact.

C17:CCA-UNION.i5.92318 winces at the drop, sweat beading on his forehead as it all comes donning on him. He makes eye contact with the civilians around him, pointing his stun baton to the sides. "<:: Move to the wall," he orders, uncertainly.

C17:CCA-UNION.i3.87182 comes in behind the unit, stripping their own baton as they take in the scene.

C17:CCA-UNION.i5.92318 approaches the sitting area, staring down at the man's corpse numbly before kneeling, placing two gloved fingers on his jugular. With the briefest time to check, he comes to the obvious conclusion. He stands again, turning around.

C17:CCA-UNION.i5.92318 radios "<:: DB count one. 10-104."

C17:CCA-UNION.i5.92318 returns to the lobby, glancing at the now complacent civilians.

C17:CCA-UNION.i3.87182 whispers "<:: Why are they on the wall, Union?"

C17:CCA-UNION.i5.92318 whispers "<:: Looks like a suicide but I want to make sure nobody here's hiding anything."

C17:CCA-UNION.i3.87182 whispers "<:: Fair enough. Once we get another unit, you go check the upper floors. We'll handle down here."

C17:CCA-UNION.i5.92318 nods, moving to look up the stairwell. He grips his radio, head angling towards it.

C17:CCA-UNION.i5.92318 radios "<:: Keeping civilians secure. 10-24."

C17:CCA-HELIX.DvL.87261 radios "<:: 10-2. Question current civilians then release. Don't make something big out of this."

C17:CCA-UNION.i5.92318 nods idly, allowing a low, crackling sigh before he presses his talk button again.

C17:CCA-UNION.i5.92318 "<:: Copy that. Will update as needed."

C17:CCA-UNION.i5.92318 turns back around, replacing his baton in its mount before making his way back to the lobby.

C17:CCA-UNION.i5.92318 points to a short, blond man against the wall near the stairwell. "<:: Citizen. Do you know what happened?" Sweat continued to make its way down his face, mind repeatedly shifting back to the body in the sitting area. He would need to move it eventually. Someone would have to. It would cause unrest otherwise.

Jeremy Harald says "Not much I can really tell you, sir. Just heard shouting upstairs and then the guy fell."

C17:CCA-UNION.i5.92318 nods lightly, glancing at the i3. "<:: Did you know them?" It. Them. The guy had just died. Why default to such indifferent pronouns? He had to. He couldn't humanize death. It was hard enough to do this job and not break down in public. He had to distance himself from it.

Jeremy Harald shakes his head, offering a disconnected shrug. He looks somewhat pale. "No sir. Mind if I sit down? I don't feel well."

C17:CCA-UNION.i5.92318 says "<:: Go ahead." He shifts his focus to a woman to Jeremy's left. "<:: Citizen, did you know the man?" Only a few more to go...

IC Section


Conrad Faust

Do you have any warnings or disciplinary actions noted on your file? If so, what were they?

I have not.

What is your motivation for registering with the CCA Recruit Reserves? Are you aware that this means you may be chosen to serve with the CCA for the remainder of your life should you be deemed fit for duty, and that this can happen weeks or months after your registration?

It is my civic duty to protect and serve those under the Union's guidance and further the stability and safety they provide.

What makes you a model citizen fit for service?

I have always placed the wellbeing of my fellow above base desires of my own. Without a stable protection, all my idealism means nothing and I am more than willing to dedicate myself to the safety of the city and its residents.

Finally, if you are chosen, are you willing to make the Official Pledge to faithful service of the CCA in all that they do, and undergo the rigorous Recruit Training?

I understand.
The Bloody Advocate

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Re: The Bloody Advocate's CCA Application

Post  Aze on Sat Oct 15, 2016 4:56 pm

Accepted! (Even if it's for show.) : ]

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